“Our success would not be possible without the support from the Bloedorn Foundation. You allow The Family Place to continue its mission of empowering low-income families and fostering the optimal development of their young children through educational and support services”

About The Bloedorn Foundation

Portrait of Walter A. Bloedorn Walter A. Bloedorn

The Walter A. Bloedorn Foundation is a charitable non-profit organization addressing the many challenges facing the health, education, and well-being of vulnerable children, families, and at-risk citizens living in the Greater Washington DC area.

The Foundation was established in 1966 by Dr. Walter Bloedorn who served as Chief of Staff at Freedman’s Hospital and taught at Howard University. In 1932, he was named medical director of the George Washington University Hospital and, in 1939, appointed dean of the medical school. He also served as President of the Association or Medical Colleges and the National Board of Medical Examiners and, throughout his career, was instrumental in breaking down the barriers that prevented African American physicians from practicing medicine.

For over five decades the Foundation has continued to support Dr. Bloedorn’s commitment to giving all individuals, regardless of race, gender, or income, access to quality education, health care, stable housing, and job security. In the past seven years, the Foundation has concentrated over half of its funding on programs that serve young children with disabilities and/or those at risk for abuse, neglect and family instability. Donate now!

Over the fifty years, the foundation has given nearly fifteen million dollars.

The Bloedorn Foundation was founded in 1966 by Walter A. Bloedorn with his personal resources to make an impact on the growing need for humanitarian support within the Washington D.C. area. Dr. Bloedorn had been a medical doctor in the Navy for many years before entering academia. Later he became the Dean of George Washington University’s Medical School. His most important legacy was the support of medical institutions and the progressive care of the health of the citizens of Washington D.C.  Dr. Bloedorn instituted a board of local Washingtonians to serve on the Foundation, a practice that continues fifty years later. The Foundation's assets are managed by independent financial managers.