Apply for a Grant Proposal

The Walter A. Bloedorn Foundation awards grants once a year. Grant requests or proposals must be received by December 31st of any given year. Organizations are selected through the grant submission process, interviews and site visits. Grant requests are reviewed, discussed and decided by the Board of Directors in the following year (usually April/May). Awards are generally mailed in June but must be paid out by the end of the year. The Foundation is very pleased to support area non-profits. Unfortunately, it does not generally assist with the following:

  • Individuals Requests
  • General Operating Funds
  • Pledges
  • Organizations Outside Metropolitan Washington, D.C.

If you wish to submit a grant, please submit your proposals to the Foundation’s Secretary, Anne Spratt, by mail or email:

The Walter A. Bloedorn Foundation 
Attn: Anne Spratt
888 Seventeenth Street, N.W. Suite 210
Washington, DC 20006

or email your proposal to:

Anne Spratt at

Proposal Guidelines:

Proposals should not exceed 4 pages and should include the following information:

  1. The 501(c)(3) letter
  2. Proposal Page One: (narrative or bullet format)
    • Organization Name & Mission Statement with a brief history
    • Primary Contact (name - title - phone – address - email)
    • Amount Requesting
    • Population Served and Geographical Area
    • Project Specifics (name - sources of support - partnering, etc.)
  3. Proposal Pages Two through Four:
    • Describe the program/project including its goals
    • Indicate experience/expertise to accomplish these goals
    • Tell how your non-profit and the project will be funded or budgeted
    • Describe how you will measure your success
    • Include a short case study if you feel it will help illustrate your program
  4. Date of submission
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